AMYXO (2014-2021)



Since 2014, I've made several Fan Videos on YouTube in which I recreated Movie Trailers and Scenes. I've played all the roles myself to challenge my skills and grow as an performer. I've learned so much and if that wasn't enough, several actors, actresses & directors of those movies saw my videos and were impressed. That was so cool! I'm still in touch with a few of them. A couple of creators that watched my videos are mentioned below..

David Arquette (ACTOR)

Saw my "Scream" fan video.

Eric Johnson (ACTOR)

Saw my "Fifty Shades Freed" fan video.

Adam Devine (ACTOR)

Saw my "Pitch Perfect" fan video.

Paul Feig (DIRECTOR)

Saw my "Spy" fan video.

Don Mancini (DIRECTOR)

Saw my "Curse Of Chucky" fan video.

Christopher Landon (DIRECTOR)

Saw my "Happy Death Day" fan video.