This role has been such a rollercoaster ride for me! I've played Rose, someone who's quite the opposite of how I am, and had to record some really awkward scenes that I'd rather leave behind me. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd win awards for this role and that it would be viewed all around the world. All I ever wanted to do with this role was bring across a message—plus size is sexy, no one controls you, and everyone is beautiful! Do what you love and don't ever be ashamed of yourself! I hope my role inspired at least one person, because then I know that I've done it right.


Rose is a timid college student who finds herself on the fringe of school life. She's seen as an oddball by her peers, but they'd be shocked to know her dark secret: she's a camgirl who performs for audiences online. As she navigates the double life, Rose becomes entangled in a dangerous world of sex, money, exploitation, and betrayal. Unable to escape the grip of the industry, she struggles to maintain her humanity while facing the harsh realities of the real world..



Rose (Lead)

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